Areas & Stages

For Blisscamp we’re building you a “best of Blissfields”. Our greatest hits boiled down into a thick syrup of adventure and massive beats all played out under our notorious blanket of July sunshine. It’s our most ambitious and carefully measured chance to start something new and we can’t do it without you. Don your sunday best, roll up your cuffs and stare into the stars with us.

Our four small, but perfectly formed, stages are unveiled as…..

The heart of Blisscamp will be built around The Outpost our central campfire and stage combined. Here you’ll spend your days surrounded by storytelling and interactive action camps, as well as music, expanding your mind among our tree-sized rocket candles. When the sun goes down, the fire will reach into the sky as our specially-curated bill of main stage acts take you into the night.

It’s our Gonzo sense of adventure programmed right into the middle of Vicarage Farm, filled with bizarre or subjective thoughts, commentary, and music.


Welcome to The Arcade, the infamous dome reimagined for Blisscamp; roaring and exciting, and filled inside and out with light and energy. It’s a space to find perhaps your dizziest moments of Blisscamp.

While our whole line-up is aiming to be our most exuberant yet, The Arcade is sure to house some of the biggest beats of the now four day weekend experience.

The Hidden Hedge has been with us almost since the start, originating from a set of decks tucked in the trees around our first home.

We’re pleased to say that Coalescence Collective will be back, curating this spectacular window into the very soul of Blissness, with their now trademark converted Boeing 747 cockpit, image mapping lasers, otherworldly installations and VDJs. The much loved fire pit with sofas will return along with new secret seating rooms amongst the trees. There will be circus, fire and trapeze along with micro venues featuring interactive theatrical experiences. Plus dancers up on giant platforms and high impact lighting amongst the tree tops.

No summer camp is complete without a trip to the beach. The Bay will be building another sandy get away in the Hampshire countryside at Blisscamp.

The Bay DJs will be unveiling a new stage specially designed for Bliss Camp 2018 to accompany their balearic beats, wonky house and cool global grooves.

It’s a hangout to laze, haze and misbehave; a place to unravel the pressures of the supposed real world.



Food, crafts, families, stalls, camping, workshops and around the site…

One big difference we’re looking at with Blisscamp is a more inclusive arena and as such we’ll have no fence between camping and stages in 2018, we’ll be mixing up stalls and stages amongst craft and family areas – we know this will be something to really add to weekend and can’t wait to invite you onto the site.

And we’ve not forgotten about little Blisscampers too, the beloved Angel Gardens are working with us to make sure they have the best weekend of their holidays. Not to mention we’re handpicking our favourite food vendors and adding in some choice new spots to eat and drink.