Families make up a huge part of the feel of Blissfields, we’ve grown as a festival with the local families who first organised and attended it, and that’s how it’s going to stay.

This years Blissfields Family area will be following the Bizarre theme and inviting you all to come dressed as mystical woodland animals and creatures…. We have all sorts of wonderful activities to share with you and we can’t wait to see you.

School leave of absence letter
Once again we will be providing you with a letter to your children’s school explaining how we will be educating your children whilst they are at the festival. We will provide your children with a learning passport so they can show their teachers what they have achieved while they were with us. We are experienced educators, we don’t claim to be a school, we are a festival and we know our children can learn so much with us.

How to get your leave of absence letter: Once you have bought your ticket Just email education@blissfields.co.uk and include your ticket reference number and we will send you a letter for your school. Your teacher will be able to contact us if there require any further information and a scheme of work for the weekend. Watch the website for more details.

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Grandmaster Flash visits Angel Gardens


Think A Midsummer Night’s Dream meets The Wind In The Willows! The Jumping Hare’s Art tent will help you create all kinds of bizarre and wonderful things to wear and play with over the weekend and help you get ready for the Unicorn, Fox and Hare Lantern Parade on Saturday evening. The Unicorns Nest is especially for under 3s and has everything your little ones may need, including a dedicated bath-time hour, changing and feeding areas as well as a box of spare clothes in case you have a fall in the mud. We also have sessions for babies and toddlers such as music making, dance and movement and messy play.

Angel Gardens PosterOur Football tournament will have teams for mums, dads, teens, kids and ‘others’ the winners will win a trophy and medals. It will take place Saturday morning and fancy dress is welcome. If you want to centre a team, get in touch at angelgardenscrew@aol.com there needs to be 5 in each team and you can come on the day to join in if there aren’t enough in your group. Football skills are not necessary and comedy commentary will take place so you can come and watch the fun while enjoying a coffee and breakfast from our cafe. If you want to collect sponsorship for the festivals charity The Murray Parish Trust you can contact us for a form on the above email.

The Paint Fight: Will take place in Angel Gardens On Saturday lunch time just after the football tournament. You can get your paint from The Angel Gardens Office.

On Friday afternoon our talent show auditions will take place on the Golden Stag Stage. Just turn up and put your name down. Saturday will see the grand final. There is lots of space to come and watch and a family ticket to next year’s festival for the winner.

We have stuff for adults as well as kids, so come join us for Zumba, Yoga and Dance Classes. Our Face painting and Hair Styling (including body marbling and glitter art) is available for everyone too.

Our Garden area this year has been renamed to Jacobs Green. Jacob was a young man who worked with his family in Angel gardens gardens for many years. He died tragically this year and we wanted to remember him by naming the garden area after him. You will find races, games and all sorts of silliness here as well as seating and spaces to relax and chill.


We welcome back Pizza and Puppets this year. Here you can make your own pizza and help cook it in the wood burning stove, with the in-built puppet theatre you will love the entertainment throughout the day.

Every evening we will end the day by opening up the Kids dance tent. Friday will see the Onesie Disco where you will be expected to come in your onesies, Saturday will be the Unicorn Ball, you will have the chance to make your horns and ears in the craft tent in preparation and the face painting tent will be open to glitter you all up, but it’s up to you to choose your ball gowns and evening wear!

There is much more to announce.. so keep an eye on the website.


Photos from previous years

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