Families make up a huge part of the feel of Blissfields, we’ve grown as a festival with the local families who first organised and attended it, and that’s how it’s going to stay.

We are lucky enough to have the wonderful team at Angel Gardens provide the core fun and education for families at Blissfields and alongside all the amazing normal workshops and activities they provide, this year they even have a letter you can use to request off-site education from your school on Friday 7th July, more details here.


Ten years ago Angel gardens started their adventure on the festival scene and they are thrilled to be back this year at Blissfelds to celebrate with an extra special family area!


Dear Junior Blissfielders,
It’s that time of year when we are all snuggled up in our homes thinking about warmer times. But here at Angel HQ we aren’t just thinking about it! We are getting ready for it!
We have everything and more for our family area at Blissfields (which we actually believe is our spiritual home).
With our amazing crew bringing you a huge range of arts, crafts, drama, dance and more you can’t help but start to get excited!
In 2017 we will be all weird and wonderful, you will be confused, inspired and over joyed all at the same time!
Expect everything you need: baby and toddler tent, cabaret tent, gardens full of games, races and circus, fire shows, kids only loos, discos, on going drama and the most unique arts and crafts in the business.
All our activities are well thought out and we make sure children are learning as well as having fun… we even offer letters to your school to show them what you will be learning and allow you to miss a day from school to be educated with us on site.
We are award winning for a reason… we are simply the best!
So talk to Santa and ask for some tickets for 2017 we promise to make it the best summer weekend you will have!
Angel Sam Xxx

Photos from previous years