Crafty Corner

Come along and escape the fantastic craziness of the Blissfield’s bizarre for a while and chill out​ ​in the Craft Area. Grab yourself something delicious to drink then take a seat, watch the world go by​ ​and sink into the sights and sounds of the festival. Then when you are thoroughly​ ​loosened up we have loads of crafts to try your hand at. Let your creative juices flow and join in.

Join the ‘Bizarre Crafts’ workshops and produce your own fully-playable whistle from an ordinary carrot! It takes practice but you can always eat your failed attempts J

Or try their stinging nettle cordage workshop, who knew that those pesky, itch weeds at the bottom of the garden could so simply be turned into something beautiful and amazing… learn this fabulous craft that takes you from uprooting the nettle all the way up to a finished end product, whether it be a bracelet, necklace or belt.

Alternatively have a go at modular origami, and create a seriously impressive mind-bogglingly tricky looking piece of 3D origami.

Perhaps you are into leather? Well then, Jay and the team are waiting to guide you through​ ​their drop-in workshops… Let your imagination flow, make a wallet, bag, pouch, bracelet, belt or​ ​just chat with Jay about the many films he’s worked on lately.

Blacksmithery pokery your sort of thing? Join Simon and make something marvellous out of metal… or just challenge him to bang a nail into a wood stump… more fun than you can imagine!!

If you really want bizarre then Henty is your man… just sit down with The Crafty Rascals and you may find hours have passed without noticing whilst carving​ ​a beautiful slate pendant, this is the ultimate chill zone… gaze into the spiralling hypnic wheel and if​ ​you are lucky you may even see Henty levitate!

Or pop in to see Imogen at the pop up pottery and sculpt a clay creation. Or you can join in the collaborative raw clay sculpture and create a unique festie installation.

Need something to carry all your amazing creations in… Eco Tee-bags are a fun and quirky way to create funky festival bags by recycling second hand tops, there will be no need to lose anything anymore with these stylish one of a kind pieces of functional artwork.

If woodland crafts are your inspiration we have all sorts to keep you occupied, Alan and the team can show you how to use a pole lathe, a draw knife or a shave horse to make a three-legged stool, a wooden spoon, a willow flower or a lantern,

Bees are amazing …Did you know that Honey contains all of the substances needed to sustain life, including enzymes, water, minerals and vitamins, or did you know that honey bees can fly at 15 miles per hour? Well, zoom on over to see Samantha and find about more about this fantastic insect and make a gorgeous honey balm to soothe your frenzied brow after you’ve spent some time in the Hidden Hedge.

or… mosey on over to the games tent … not a keyboard or a screen in sight! How bizarre, board games, cards and actual stuff you have to touch and move yourself??? Challenge your mate to a game of chess, backgammon or kerplunk!!

Soooo much to do, soooo little time!!

We look forward to seeing you all in the beautiful Blissfield’s Craft Area.

Tanya & Andrew xx

A big THANKYOU goes out to all our crafty workshop friends and to our amazing crew – we​ ​couldn’t do it without you​.

Photos of the Craft Area

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