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Q In the light of recent events what is Blissfields doing to ensure safety and security at the weekend?
A. Blissfields has worked closely with our security firm, Warrior for many years and we have a great working relationship, they have always put the safety and security of attendees as their paramount task, this has included awareness of terrorist and violent acts. We asked Mark the owner of Warrior for a statement  about their presence at Blissfields this year, if you’d like to read it please click here

Q. How old do I have to be to attend Blissfields by myself?
A. Anyone 16yrs or younger must be accompanied by a responsible adult of 21yrs or more. The adult must be present on entry and must be accompanying no more that three other under age attendees. This is a licence condition and will be strongly implemented on entry.

Q. What ID will you accept to prove my age is challenged?
A.  Passports (not copies) or valid photo driving licences and PASS cards only are accepted, this has been decided on after consultation with the police. NB: Evidence of age may be required for age dependent concession passes as well as at bars, so please bring evidence of child/youth ages if appropriate.

Need ID? Use code BLISSFIELDS and get a £4 discount on your CitizenCard. www.citizencard.com CitizenCard is the UK’s largest provider of proof of age / ID. Their cards have the Home Office approved PASS logo which means that they are recognised across the UK. This means that you can leave your passport and driver’s license at home, and feel safe in the knowledge that if you need to prove your age or ID you’ve got a card on hand. And, unlike passports and driver’s licenses a CitizenCard is cheap to replace if lost or stolen. CitizenCard is a not-for-profit organisation that works with schools and homelessness organisations across the UK.

Q. Do you have provisions for disabled people?
A. We have disabled toilets and  parking, so access is easier. All stewards are trained to help you to the front of any queues and with any issues. The campsite has a firm flat surface with close cut grass, there is a small slope on the site. The whole site is easily accessed and the campsite is no more than 300m from any of the stages. We  have viewing platform at the Main Stage stewards will help you find the best place for your viewing pleasure. We like to have a personal experience for disabled attendees so please contact us if you’d like to know more. info@blissfields.co.uk

Q. When is the latest date I can buy a ticket?
A. Tickets will be sold on the gate IF we have not sold out.

Q.  Can I bring alcohol into the site? 
A. Yes with limitations, each person over 18yrs will be allowed to enter with an amount of alcohol deemed by the organisers to be for personal consumption only. Each person must bring in their own alcohol NO GLASS! Alcohol must be brought onto the site on first entry – after wrist-banding no individual will be permitted to bring alcohol onto the site, bring it in on first entry. Alcohol is not allowed to be taken into the arena, only the campsite. We want to be reasonable with amounts you bring in so please work with us. We would consider a box of 18 cans beer/cider or a litre of spirits or 2 litres of wine to be acceptable, anyone bringing in more may be asked to leave it at the gate. NO ALCOHOL TO BE CONSUMED IN THE CAR PARK or close vicinity to the event.
We will be following the Challenge 25 Campaign so do not expect to be able to bring in alcohol if you are under 18 years, or you don’t have ID to prove your age.

Q. Will you have over 18 wristbands as in previous years?
A. We will be issuing different coloured wristbands to everyone under 18 years old. Please make sure if you could be mistaken as under 25 years but you are in fact over 18 years you bring relevant ID. You may also be liable for age check at bars.

Q. Can I re-enter the site?
A. As long as you have your wristbands on yes you can, you will not be able to bring in alcohol on re-entry however.

Q.Can I bring my dog?
A. No pets on site at all, except guide dogs.

Q. What are the timings of the festival? Campsite opening and stage times?
A. You can check out all the times here: Stages and Times 

Q. How do I get to the site?
A. Check out the Travel and Directions page

Q. I’d like to camp on Sunday night, is that possible?
A. No, we are sorry but the campsite closes at 6:00pm Sunday 3rd July

Q. We are coming as a family and we’re worried about the campsite being noisy, is there a quieter area?
A. Yes there is a specific family area, in 2017 we’ve decided to move it as far from the arena as possible for sleep filled nights

Q. Is there a cash point on site?
A. Yes there are fully functioning ATMs at the event. Please note there will be a charge for it’s use.

Q. Is there a shop?
A. There will be loads of stalls but we will also have a general shop in the campsite for your needs.

 Q. Where is the nearest supermarket?
A. Once you are on site you shouldn’t need to leave again with the bars and foodstalls and the general shop we are providing, but if you’re stocking up before you arrive there are multiple supermarkets in Basingstoke (6 miles) and  Winchester (7 miles)

Q. I’m thinking of coming by myself, will I make new friends?
A. Every year we have so many comments about how friendly everyone is so an unreserved YES!

Q. Can I charge my phone?
A. Yes! We have the excellent team in the camp site shop, at the Arena entrance attending to your phone’s needs. Phones are the most common object lost at a festival, so take care with it.

Q. What’s the lineup this year?
A. All the latest details are here

Q. My band wants to play the event, how do I apply
A. We have an online application form which you can find here Contact Us

Q.  I don’t like camping are there nearby hotels/B&Bs?
A. If you are looking for an alternative to camping visit the trivago website to find a hotel or B&B, you can  visit their Blissfields event page here

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