2017 Theme

“The distance between your dreams and reality is called action”

In July 2017 the very fabric of your perception is warping beneath Vicarage Farm as Blissfields breaks on through to the under side. What will we find together, exploring both the very real and the very unreal of the bizarre. A tunnel through the fantastic, via fantasy and freakshow, will see the festival celebrate and fearfully poke the unknown. Blissfields will be the gateway into new frontiers where only the unexpected can be assumed.

All manner of creatures from this realm will mingle with ambassadors and accidental travellers from the infinitum. Will you seize the day and represent the living curiosities of our own offbeat world, or come clean, shed your mortal disguise and party with us as the unique creature you are inside.

We’re once again creating a playground from the imagination for you to discover across the intimate site. With brand new art installations planned to bring the bizarre to life, this corner of English countryside will be a vibrant backdrop to one of the biggest celebrations of… odd.

Get your tinfoil hat on, pile the televisions from floor to ceiling, and play nothing but David Lynch in reverse. The Twilight Zone is coming to Hampshire. Are you?

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